October 9, 2017



“I am very much happy with my nurses. They make me feel that there is still a brighter future ahead of me, despite of my illness. Keep it up!”
                                                                                                                                                                               -Patient 194 (Banyas, Abu Dhabi)

"Regarding my brother, the PHS nurse that worked with us was comforting, supportive and kind. She was very experienced and shared a great deal of knowledge about his condition. Every phone call was friendly and helpful. I could not have asked for more professional or better service. I'm a grateful sister’s client. My brother had excellent, reliable care in our own home. Thank you for all your kindness and support. The PHS staff has been the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. I’m so grateful and managing quite well. Thanks to PHS Company."

-Sister of Patient 018 (Al Ain)


"Pyramids Health Services provided excellent patient care as well as customer service for my grandmother. Their nurses really cared about my grandmother’s well-being and displayed it on a daily basis. Not only the direct nurses, but the local office was equally good as well. The communication with my family, clinical team, and the Area Nursing Supervisor was so smooth. With that said, I had a great experience with the Pyramids Health Services team. Thank you so much!"

-Granddaughter of Patient 191 (Al Ain)


"All Nurses has been effective in caring and excellent in helping my father and has sustained these qualities over a longer period of time. They have gone above and beyond the expected level of competence and compassion and has taken an active role in coordinating and informing other members of the team in communicating with medical resources and family in making up new processes and procedures that are appropriate for my father's care. They are capable evaluator in situations of medical or interpersonal crisis and is able to see past the immediate level of complaint in order to effectively address and calm situations. They are excellent at communicating, documenting issues, and making sure that other nurses know what has transpired. They are the glue that has held things together and they continue to do so. Keep up the good work!"

-Son of Patient 014 (Al Ain)


”What we like the most is the respect they are showing to us and the good quality care that they provide to the patient.”

-Daughter of Patient 192 (Al Sila, Western Region)


“I am very much pleased with your physiotherapist who is rendering a quality of service visited my home. Your staff is a delight to be with, both professional & friendly. Thank you for all the help you have given to my son. I m very happy with the proceedings.”

-Daughter of a PT patient (Abu Dhabi)

“Thanks for making my mother to walk independently. Your service is exclusively important for our family. “

-Son of PT patient (Madinat Zayed, Western Region)