• Admission criteria are made available to the persons served, referral sources and other stakeholders to assure that the service provided is the most appropriate for those individuals being referred to it. Expectations with regard to information provided in the referral are made clear upon first contact with the referral sources so that decisions made around the appropriateness for a follow up assessment are fully informed.
• To be eligible for home care service, the care for the person served is
a. Medically reasonable – the care can be provided safely and effectively in the home setting
b. Necessary - determined on the basis of evidence-based practices
• Patients are admitted to PHS homecare services only when the skilled nursing service/ physiotherapist service is reasonable and necessary to the diagnosis and treatment of the patient’s illness or injury within the context of the patient’s unique medical condition.

Additional Needed Documents Required:

  • Medical reports (updated)
  • Home location/map
  • Insurance Card (DAMAN Thiqa card copy)
  • Patients are also required to sign the consent form for Pyramids Health Services.