• Admission criteria are made available to the persons served, referral sources and other stakeholders to assure that the service provided is the most appropriate for those individuals being referred to it. Expectations with regard to information provided in the referral are made clear upon first contact with the referral sources so that decisions made around the appropriateness for a follow up assessment are fully informed.
• To be eligible for home care service, the care for the person served is
a. Medically reasonable – the care can be provided safely and effectively in the home setting
b. Necessary - determined on the basis of evidence-based practices
• Patients are admitted to PHS homecare services only when the skilled nursing service/ physiotherapist service is reasonable and necessary to the diagnosis and treatment of the patient’s illness or injury within the context of the patient’s unique medical condition.

Additional Needed Documents Required:

 Medical reports (updated)
 Home location/map
 Insurance Card (DAMAN Thiqa card copy)
 Patients are also required to sign the consent form for Pyramids Health Services.

“As A PHS Patient, It Is Your Right To”
1. Be informed of your rights in an understandable manner.
2. Receive best quality care.
3. Be informed with your family about care and services provided by the homecare organization.
4. Receive considerate and respectful care at all times, consistent with your personal values and beliefs and to have access to spiritual and religious support.
5. Receive care that is respectful of privacy.
6. To have family member participate in the care process as desired.
7. Know the names and details of your nurses and attending physicians.
8. Have informed consent explained in an understandable manner, being given adequate and clear information about your illness, proposed treatment and care and alternatives, but allowing you and your family to make appropriate decisions.
9. Have pain properly assessed and managed keeping concern physician in loop.
10. Be protected from any type of assault while receiving care by Home care nurses.
11. Be informed of the facility policies and processes for complaint management, conflict resolution or difference of opinion about treatment and care and to be informed of the right to participate in these processes.
12. Have all your medical and personal information kept confidential and protected from misuse or loss.
“As A PHS Patient Its You Responsibility To”
1. Provide complete medical history information (including allergies and medications taken) and other relevant details to enable healthcare provider to develop the nursing plan.
2. Give consent (both general and informed) for usage of your medical information for insurance authorization purposes.
3. Co-operate with nursing staff to comply with the treatment plan.
4. Present medical insurance card and required identification when required by the Home Care management.
5. Treat nursing staff and visiting management with respect and courtesy.
6. Understand that nurses visit home for professional nursing care and not to expect anything out of this domain.
7. Provide information about the nursing staff performance and duty hours to management for planning and quality purposes.
8. Accept the consequences of refusing care, recommended by the physician and nurse or as mentioned in the care plan.